Julianne Jarvis

Chairperson, Founder and Licensee

Ms. Julianne Jarvis believes that, whether voluntarily or involuntarily,progressive movement is necessary as we respond to all aspects of the environment. She is a professional with over ten (10) years proven experience in International Business Development, Management Consulting, Project Planning and Development, and Corporate Strategy. Presently, Julianne is the Focal Point/Project Development and Implementation Officer at the Antigua and Barbuda Coalition of Service Industries (ABCSI). She also serves as the Executive Chair of the Caribbean Network of Service Coalitions, a Board member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Business Council and an Adjunct Lecturer at the Antigua State College - Department of Business Studies. She has fervor for human growth and development and as such, she is an incoming Director for the Rotary Club of Antigua-Sundown.

Julianne's passion for people and their development extends far beyond her professional life. Her passion can be likened to her love for dance - and much like musical movements and rhythms she brings that same fluidity to her thought process when engaged in developmental projects. She seeks every opportunity to engage colleagues and the community in her thirst for growth and excellence. Moreover, she has an avid passion for inspiring young minds and helping them to blossom.

Ms. Jarvis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the Florida International University with specialized emphasis on International Development of Latin American and Caribbean Countries; and is currently finalizing her International MBA with the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. As she looks towards the future, Julianne is constantly birthing ideas and business ventures that would allow her to use her academic and professional background in consistent development of the Antiguan community and the wider Caribbean region.

Amaya Athill

Co-Chair and Head of Operations

Amaya Athill is an Attorney-at-Law specializing in civil litigation and constitutional Law. She is called to the Bar of England and Wales and Antigua. She obtained her Masters in International Law from the Georgetown University Law Center as a Fulbright Scholar in 2013.

Outside of her legal practice, Amaya is a social activist and community service volunteer - advocating and working in the areas of youth empowerment and mentorship, social justice, and human rights. She is the youngest member of the Rotary Club of Antigua where she serves in the capacity of Secretary of the Service Projects Committee. As an ardent golfer Amaya also serves as Secretary of both the Antigua and Barbuda Golf Association and the O.E.C.S. Golf Association.

Amaya is the co-chair of the TEDx Antigua team and is passionate about exhibiting and including Antigua and Antiguans as part of the TEDx brand and experience.

Jon Whyte

Finance and Sponsorship

Jon Whyte is an Accounting, Finance and Marketing professional, who has spent several years in Management in the public and private sector of Antigua's Tourism industry. Outside of his career, Jon has a passion for social activism - and is constantly exploring avenues for educating and empowering the Social Media generation. He has participated in several youth led projects and programs, geared towards youth development and community building in Antigua. TEDx provides the perfect platform to further extend that reach to include the regional and international community. Whyte holds an MBA with honors from Western Illinois University, a Bachelor's Degree with honors in Accounting from the Iowa Wesleyan College, as well as a Bachelor's in Marketing and in Administration.

Colin John-Jenkins

Design and Technical Coordinator

Colin is one of the three principals of CJC Jenkins Design an Architectural and Project Management Company. He holds a first class honours in Architecture and a Masters in Project Management with Distinction from the University of Liverpool. He is passionate about the promotion of Sustainable Development and Architecture. He is one of the co-founders of the Antigua and Barbuda Council on Sustainable Development and the Cuban University Alumni Inc. He devotes considerable time writing Architectural articles and sharing Historical images in an effort to educate, living by a philosophy of 'daring to be different, striving to be better'.

Linisa George

Finance and Sponsorship, Curator

Linisa is a poet, freelance writer, director and playwright. To date, her poetry has been published in three international anthologies and featured on BBC Scotland. She is the owner of BGR Communications and Media, and Editor-in-Chief of BGRmag (, and an Executive member of Women of Antigua (WOA). She is also co-owner of the creative arts company, August Rush Productions, and the Director of The Young Poets Society of Antigua & Barbuda. Linisa is also the Team Manager for Lady Horsepower Farm; the Caribbean's first all-female drag racing team out of Antigua. She is excited to be a part of the TEDxAntigua team, and fully embraces the passionate thoughts of the TED organisation.

Zahra Airall

Curator and Event Production

Zahra is an educator and photographer who draws inspiration from life and uses her talents as one of her vehicles for advocacy. As a co-founder of August Rush Productions, she creates opportunities for performing and visual artists. As a women's and children's rights activists she is an executive and founding member of Women Of Antigua, where she employs her artistic abilities to shed light on the rights of women and children in an effort to end violence. Zahra works along with several local organisations, such as the Directorate of Gender Affairs, Department of Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Labour and Justice in Antigua and Barbuda to facilitate workshops on journalism, communication and the performing arts; and has participated in regional activities such as CiWIL and the OECS APCAG. She is also an award winning writer, dramatist, and spoken word artist.

Kyle Christian

Curator and Public Relations

Kyle Christian, a public relations manager and a former media practitioner, graduated with highest honours from the Midwestern State University in 2012 with a bachelor's of business in economics and finance. He has worked as a radio broadcast journalist, producer and news presenter. Kyle enjoys public speaking, especially with young people and has been an integral part of several youth-led initiatives. He is most passionate about learning new things, especially in the fields of politics, current affairs, psychology and about people; that's why he loves TED talks which reveal amazing insights into human behaviour and potential. Kyle is working towards owning his own business and running a non-profit some day.

Yvelle Charles-Jenkins

Event Coordination

Lover of science and all things beautiful Yvelle Charles - Jenkins is a licensed pharmacist with the heart of an artist. Her formal training includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Merit) and Master of Business Administration with focus on Marketing (Merit). Her focus includes marketing positive health practices and providing complete pharmaceutical care as a practicing pharmacist. She also writes on a number of health topics and provides lectures to community groups on medical issues. In those precious moments when time stands still and the influence of daily stressors fades, she enjoys dance, languages, creative writing, volleyball, and a hearty laugh. She absolutely loves learning new things (just because) and undertaking projects which help to give back to and improve her community. Part of the reason for her flirtatious affair with Ted talks is that it makes the world a smaller place and provides a platform for sharing ideas and learning and she thinks that's awesome. Her favourite Ted talks are (why choose only one) "Why architects need to use their ears" by Julian Treasure. "How schools kill creativity " by Ken Robinson.