Event Theme

Fungi and Pepperpot:

A Recipe for Development and Change

Fungi (pronounced foon-ji) and Pepperpot is the national dish of Antigua and Barbuda. Pepperpot is a thick, rich vegetable stew with salted meat, provisions and other variations according to individual taste. Fungi is a thick, cornmeal paste that is similar to the Italian Polenta. The two combine to create a delicious and satisfying traditional meal.

For decades, Antiguan mothers and grandmothers would carefully 'tun' (turn) the cornmeal for the fungi, using a wooden spoon - colloquially referred to as a 'tun-tick' (turnstick) while sharing bite sizes pieces of knowledge to the young ones within earshot. They would wash, cut and soak the greens and cook the salted meat over the traditional coal pot, while passing on wholesome stories - rich with history and folklore. This blending of edible and audible ingredients eventually combined to leave the consumer of the final meal physically, mentally and spiritually well nourished.

In the same vein, the organizers of TEDxAntigua sought to pull from this traditional Antiguan past-time to gather persons around a "coal pot" of Technology, Entertainment and Design. This aggregation of intellectual ingredients arose from a hunger for enriching experiences, and a burning desire for fresh, local, digestible ideas. TEDxAntigua wanted to take a unique blend of local change agents, storytellers, researchers and spiritual teachers to create a healthy concoction that would be simultaneously identifiable to Antiguan tastes, while appealing to a wider regional and international audience.

It is our hope that this recipe, as created by the TEDxAntigua organizers and prepared by the featured speakers will foster an appetite for advancement, and nurture a thirst for transformation on a personal, social, and national level.

TEDxAntigua presents - Fungi and Pepperpot: A recipe for development and change.